Retail spots persist as the No. 1 destination for Frisco’s visitors. Out of the $2.1 billion in visitor spending for 2018, nearly 45% went toward retail, according to a recent Visit Frisco tourism report.

Visit Frisco Executive Director Marla Roe said Stonebriar Centre is a big factor in retail spending for visitors, especially as the mall adds new stores. The Rail District likely played a part in this number as well, she said.

The report reveals 6.6 million people visited Frisco last year. Over 50,000 came from abroad, which is the first time this data has shown up on the annual tourism report, Roe said.

While international visitors account for a little over 1% of total visitor volume, Roe said this is a good sign for Frisco. She said this means the city is rising up on the map for these guests.

“If they’re in DFW, Frisco is a part that visitation,” Roe said.

International visitors contributed to almost 4% of total spending, per the report.

As Frisco and its surrounding communities grow, the tax burden on the city has decreased, Roe said. State and local tax revenue helped relieve $1,653 in tax burden for each household, per the report.

Roe predicts the newly opened child education and entertainment center, KidZania, and the upcoming Professional Golfers’ Association of America headquarters will lead to the “next significant increase” in visitor spending in future tourism reports.

“[Tourism] is extremely important, retail and sports are critical to what we do,” she said.