Amazon 4-star store could be coming to Frisco

An Amazon 4-star store may be coming to Frisco.

A job opening posted on Amazon's website for a 4-star store manager lists the job location in Frisco, but the company has not confirmed the location of the store.

"We are excited to be bringing an Amazon 4-star to the Dallas area, and we are currently hiring for a store manager," an Amazon spokesperson said in an email. "Stay tuned for additional details down the road."

Amazon 4-star stores include products from the company's website that are rated four stars or higher. Customers can also test Amazon devices—such as Echo, Kindle, and Fire TV products—in the store.

According to the store manager job posting, Amazon 4-star stores provide "a unique extension of through a curated product selection, our associates’ ability to engage in impromptu conversation, and physical spaces designed for discovery and exploration."

The company has three Amazon 4-star stores: one in New York, one in Colorado and one in California.