Highland Village residents will see a small decrease in their trash and recycling collection services later this year after Highland Village City Council on May 9 approved the city manager negotiating a new solid waste, recycling and household waste collection contract with Republic Services of Lewisville.

Residents will now pay $20.44 a month, while senior citizens will receive a discount and pay $18.43 a month. The residential rates go into effect Oct. 1, according to the city agenda memo. The city’s monthly fee will be $170,347 a month.

The council agenda memo stated the solid waste collections contract with Community Waste Disposal will expire Aug. 31. Those rates are $20.75 and $18.71, respectively. The agreement between the city and Republic, according to a city memo, will provide for an initial term of five years and require Republic to provide the following solid waste and recycling collection services:

  • A 95-gallon, vendor-provided trash cart or continuation of 10 bags per week of garbage to be collected once per week
  • A 95-gallon recycle cart to be collected once per week that provides for collection of waste outside of the recycle cart
  • Continuation of the collection of compost materials on the same Monday collection schedule
  • Weekly collection of up to 3 cubic yards of large brush and bulky items (roughly the size of a refrigerator) without the need for the resident to call in
  • Resident-delivered materials to the Camelot landfill in Lewisville
  • A solution for above-the-limit brush and bulky collections that can be assessed a reasonable fee
  • Provision of household hazardous waste at the curb

The three finalists for the new contract were Republic, Community Waste Disposal and Frontier. For regular household garbage, residents can either participate using a vendor-provided 95-gallon cart or garbage bags.

Council received a presentation from the consultant, Lynn Lantrip of Solid Waste Specialists, during an early work session meeting. Lantrip recommended Republic, which he said will provide residential, commercial and industrial solid waste and recycling collection services for the city. The city contracted with Solid Waste Specialists to prepare documents containing clear specifications and instructions to bidders asking for responses on services.