A $27 million bond to update levee and flood facilities in Denton County can be voted on by residents in the November elections, according to the Active Contests Options List for the county pertaining to the Nov. 7 election.

Zooming In

Per county officials, the bond will go towards fixing structural and storm drainage issues to levee and flood control facilities in Denton County Levee Improvement District #1, which consists of Southern Denton County and parts of northern Dallas County. The bond is worth a reported $27,320,000, according to the county.

District board members approved at its August meeting an engineer's report that listed dredging of Denton Creek, which was dammed by the Army Corps of Engineers to create Lake Grapevine, as one project in need of money to complete.

The project includes:
  • Cleaning and removing vegetation to allow for grading of side banks
  • Installing a concrete liner to catch debris
  • Maintaining the area

Zooming Out

There are also 14 state propositions on the ballot, including:
  • Protecting landowners' rights
  • Exempting child care facilities from taxation
  • Raising the state's school district homestead exemption from $40,000 to $100,000, among others.
Two of the 14 propositions do not affect Denton County; Proposition 11 is specific to El Paso County while Proposition 12 is for a county position located in Galveston County.