Co-owners and spouses Jenn and Scott Sharrer had a dream of combining Jenn's love of wines and Scott's love for food. So, the Sharrers opened Sip + Savor in Highland Village in 2022.

The Background

In 2011, Jenn Sharrer was a sales representative for Republic National and Scott Sharrer was the director of operations. She met him at the bistro inside Nordstrom where she was showing a wine list and sampling the wine.

Jenn said she would normally taste wines with the general manager, but Scott Sharrer decided he wanted to taste wines with her that day. Through some trial and error, Scott eventually gave Jenn his business.

“So I got the wine list,” Jenn said. “I would come in more and he was magically there more, and he asked me out on a date and we went and had drinks. We’ve been dating ever since.”

The pair eventually got married and had four children.

Scott has more than 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry. He has worked with many restaurants, including Whiskey Cake, Fireside Pies and more, with Sip + Savor being his 26th restaurant to open.

A closer look

Jenn said they started dreaming of owning their own restaurant right before the COVID-19 pandemic.

They had some tough decisions to make, but through hardship they discovered their dream was possible.

“We didn't lose a meal,” Jenn said. “We didn't lose anything, but that was what told us that we can afford to—either one of us or both of us—step back from our roles that we thought were so big and mighty, and paying the bills and doing all those things, and really jump into something new.”

Jenn, the wine and design mind of Sip + Savor, said she had a big whiteboard in her room with cut out pictures from magazines to draw inspiration.

“We want to transport you to wine country,” Jenn said. “We go to wine country three to four times a year. Everything here is from a designer. It’s not commercial. From the lighting, to the booths and to the centerpieces, I literally sat with each detail in mind. That’s what our hopes and dreams are, is to transport people to somewhere completely different.”

What else?

Jenn and Scott love hosting their friends and family at their house for dinner parties. Their passion for hospitality, food, wine and good times carried over to Sip + Savor.

Jenn and Scott practiced making meals together in their kitchen with their friends and family as taste-testers, until they got it right.

“We built our hamburger and our steak sandwich in our kitchen at our house,” Jenn said. “We played with it a million times over. We tried five different breads, three different cheeses, and four different steaks. We have to get it right and the only way to do that is to taste it all.”

Quote of Note

“My favorite thing about the job is the people," said Jenn Sharrer. "If you’re wandering around lost, I will go find you and make sure you get exactly what you need. I love serving people. It’s like in my blood.”

The Menu:
  • Whipped goat ($12)
  • Tzatziki Chicken Meatballs ($12)
  • Wedgeless Steak Salad ($18)
  • Skinny Tuscan ($19)
  • Double Chop ($38)
  • 2x Burger ($16)
Sip + Savor

1201 Shoal Creek, Highland Village