Frisco ISD’s long-range planning committee will meet for the first time Wednesday and will serve as an advisory group to the FISD board of trustees and district administration.

The meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. in the administration training rooms in the FISD administration building, 5515 Ohio Drive, Frisco.

The purpose of the committee is to learn about issues facing FISD and to present possible solutions to the board and administration. Last year, the committee focused primarily on the budget, and the focus this year will be on facilities planning.

This fall, the committee will review, evaluate and prioritize plans for future high school buildings and capacities. The committee will also review and evaluate financial planning in the spring.

The committee consists of 50 members from the community, some of which are business owners or serve on city boards. Those who served on the committee last year were guaranteed spots, and the rest of the members applied to be on the committee.

Here are the 2017-18 committee members:

  • Rene Archambault

  • Kim Ayers

  • Richard Beaver

  • Michael Bitsche

  • Bryan Brickman

  • Dana Cheney

  • Steve Cone

  • Jason Cooley

  • Robert Cox

  • Summer Coxe

  • Karen Cunningham

  • Preston Doster

  • Laura Echols-Richter

  • Tony Felker

  • Suzanne Fouad

  • Kris Gfeller

  • Doug Goodman

  • Srik Gurrapu

  • Sean Heatley

  • Josh Hebert

  • Jamie Heit

  • Rebecca Hill

  • Megan Holland

  • Cindy Hons

  • Shona Huffman

  • James Iorio

  • Troy Jackson

  • Tasos Kaiafas

  • Heather Kremer

  • Sriram Krishnan

  • Morgan Lang

  • Phillip Lohec

  • Skip Middleton

  • Clark Miller

  • David Ovard

  • Melissa Parsons

  • Deborah Pasha

  • Hunt Reifschneider

  • Al Rowland

  • Sherrie Salas

  • Peter Smith

  • Meredith Smith

  • Jeff Snowden

  • Darren Stevens

  • Raymond Stovall

  • Meaghan Wall

  • Katrina Watland

  • Wendy Wittenbrook

  • Bill Woodard

  • Martin Woodward