Taqueria Los Angeles regularly updates menu while remembering traditional Mexican focus in Plano


Taqueria Los Angeles is often bustling with people, music, drinks and food on Sundays.

“On Sundays, we are, like, crazy packed,” said Angel Monron, part-owner of Taqueria Los Angeles. “Everybody’s playing music, and people are drinking, enjoying [and]having a good time.”

Part of the restaurant’s atmosphere comes from its colorful walls and decorations, which Monron jokingly blames on his girlfriend, Katherine Lopez, who helps run the restaurant.

Monron and his mother—and namesake of the taqueria— Maria de los Angeles, were working at different restaurants until they were given the opportunity to buy a failing Mexican restaurant roughly six years ago.

“We switched everything around and went from there,” Monron said.

The taqueria continues to evolve these days. One of its constantly changing menu items is horchata, and the kinds of it that are served. New strawberry and coconut flavors for the Mexican drink are in the works, Monron said.

“We go crazy with horchata because everyone loves it,” Monron said.

Monron and de los Angeles follow the same constant-change mindset with Taqueria Los Angeles’ entire menu.

“People always want something new, so we always give [them]what they want,” Monron said.

Taqueria Los Angeles serves traditional Mexican dishes with 11 different options for meat.

“We focus on, like, 100% Mexican food and the quality,” Monron said. “We get people in here [who]tell us all the time—this is the first time they’ve ever had, like, real Mexican food compared to anywhere else here in Texas.”

The quality of the food at the taqueria is what keeps customers coming back, Monron said.

When Monron and de los Angeles first bought the restaurant, they were living down the street from the location.

“It just happened to be right here,” Monron said. “We didn’t pick it right here. We wouldn’t pick this location hidden out here.”

Now, Monron has moved to Dallas and is interested in opening a second location in the future.

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