Irving-based Gyro Oasis is offering free meals to those in need amid the calamity of the coronavirus pandemic.

Though he and his employees are grappling with how to stay afloat themselves, manager Ghassan Bilaih said he knew there was a need that he could fill.

"We're just really giving away one meal per family or per person," Bilaih said. "These are hard times for everybody that's really not working."

Bilaih said his restaurant has provided meals to local refugee groups in the past and that he has also partnered with Irving Cares, a local nonprofit group that helps those in financial need.

Gyro Oasis is aiming to provide up to 20 free meals per day, Bilaih said.

"For those who really need some food that are really needing some some free meals, we are doing this until either we run out of supplies or we run out of money or the city shuts us down," he said.

Some of the meals include bowls with rice, salads with meat and potato dishes.

Though he is only keeping minimal staff on-site at this time, Bilaih said he is keeping in daily contact with the rest of his crew.

"I'm calling them day by day to see if they need food, at least," he said. "We can rotate the employees, like, one person works this day, and one person works the other day."

Bilaih said he was moved to take action in part because of the people he knows personally who are unable to work during the pandemic.

"I know some families that ... they're [living] paycheck to paycheck, ... and they haven't really been working for the last three weeks," he said. "I have some ... people calling thanking [us] and people asking for one meal or two meals. [It's] just really out of [our] heart."

The restaurant is located at 3550 Regent Blvd., Ste. 130, Irving. 972-521-9770.