2017 Impacters of the Year: Community Impact Newspaper recognizes employees’ exemplary work

2017 Award Winners

At the end of each year Community Impact Newspaper recognizes several Impacters for exemplary work in their department. Nominees are brought forth by managers and voted on by the executive team, who reviews individuals’ designs, stories, sales numbers and other work from the entire year.

Tessa Hoefle

Designer of the Year Tessa Hoefle (second from the left) and other South Houston designers gather to review a newspaper cover. (via Community Impact Newspaper)

Designer of the Year

Tessa Hoefle
Senior graphic designer, Sugar Land-Missouri City edition

Tessa joined Community Impact Newspaper in November 2015 after looking for something challenging and creative.

“My proudest accomplishment this year is contributing to a collaborative design department culture at the [South Houston office],” she said. “It’s awesome to feel like a part of something so resilient and creative. Not a day goes by that we don’t put our heads together to solve a problem or make something better.”

Tessa said her favorite part of the office culture is an “overwhelming” sense of taking care of one another.

“As a single mom my CI family at [the South Houston office]has legitimately become a second family to me,” she said. “It’s cool knowing that everyone cares about my paper, but it’s amazing knowing that they care about my son. They’ve helped me be a better designer, but also, in the moments when it really counted, a better mom who could put her son first. At the end of the day I’m just really proud to be a part of a place that takes such good care of one another.”

Lindsey Juarez

Newsperson of the Year Lindsey Juarez  (center) is seen after taking photos at a Frisco event last winter. (via Community Impact Newspaper)

Newsperson of the Year

Lindsey Juarez
Editor, Frisco edition

After graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2014, Lindsey searched for any and every reporting job in the area she could find.

“Though I had never heard of [Community Impact Newspaper], I thought I would try it out for a few months,” she said. “Three years later, I realize that God placed me in the best work family anyone could ask for.”

Other than being named Newsperson of the Year, Lindsey’s proudest accomplishment of 2017 was winning two Editorial Excellence awards for her work on the Frisco edition.

“What I love about #CICulture is the focus on working as a team and being in this together,” she said. “You are never alone at Community Impact Newspaper. There is always a culture of support at the office.”

Lloyd Lynch

Printing Employee of the Year Lloyd Lynch makes repairs to the stitcher, or bindery, machine at Community Impact Printing. (via Community Impact Newspaper)

Printing Employee of the Year

Lloyd Lynch
Maintenance manager, Community Impact Printing

Lloyd decided to join the Community Impact Printing staff in May 2016 because of the caliber of personnel. He said he read about Community Impact Newspaper‘s growth online and was sold.

His proudest accomplishment this year is everything that the team at Community Impact Printing has accomplished.

“The company’s goal is to help people and small businesses thrive,” Lloyd said. “We hire some of the brightest personnel in the industry. Everyone is so amazing.”

Denise Seiler

Salesperson of the Year Denise Seiler (left) discusses Community Impact Newspaper‘s print edition with a client. (via Community Impact Newspaper)

Salesperson of the Year

Denise Seiler
Account executive, Leander-Cedar Park edition
(Now general manager, Georgetown edition)

A longtime Impacter, Denise began her career at Community Impact Newspaper in June 2007 as an administrative assistant.

“[Community Impact Newspaper] was the first newspaper I had ever read cover to cover, and I knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing publication that was in my backyard,” she said. “And as a bonus the staff is amazing, and I wanted to get the chance to work with them on a daily basis.”

Denise said her proudest accomplishment for 2017 is a toss-up between becoming the new general manager for the Georgetown edition and being named Salesperson of the Year.

“When I first started at Community Impact Newspaper, I just wanted to be the first friendly face people saw when they walked in the door or the first person they spoke with on the phone when they would call,” she said. “But as I watched the sales team interact with each other and motivate one another in such a positive way, I knew I had to be a part of that team. So they gave me a chance nine years ago, and the rest is history. …”

During her tenure at the company Denise said her favorite thing about the culture is the different personalities.

“I’ve learned more about my co-workers at the fun company outings and get-togethers than I ever thought I could.”

Jennifer Voith

Hero of the Year Jennifer Voith (right) stands with co-worker Saron Djeregna, Community Impact Newspaper’s accounts receivable specialist. (via Jennifer Voith)

Hero of the Year

Jennifer Voith
Assistant controller-PR, AP, AR

Jennifer has always been a fan and reader of Community Impact Newspaper and joined the finance team in October 2013.

When looking back at the year she said her biggest accomplishment is putting more controls and processes in place on the finance team.

“My favorite thing about #CICulture is how nice everyone is here,” Jennifer said. “It is such a positive work environment, and that is so important to me. It makes for a really good work atmosphere.”

Team Plano

Plano team members including (left to right) reporter Gavin Pugh, editor Daniel Houston, designer Breanna Flores and General Manager Leanne Libby are seen in the Dallas Metro office. (via Community Impact Newspaper)

Newspaper of the Year

Plano edition

Out of Community Impact Newspaper’s 24 editions across Texas, the Plano edition’s team received the recognition of Newspaper of the Year for 2017.

“I have lived in Plano for 18 years, and a lot has changed during that time with more changes on the horizon,” General Manager Leanne Libby said. “Residents and business owners needed a reliable and comprehensive source committed to informing them on what they need to know about changes and growth at the hyperlocal level.”

During the year Leanne said the proudest moments for the team happened during the local election season.

“Multiple residents told us they used our paper to learn more about the election process, the issues and about the candidates,” she said. “With 24 candidates on the ballot for multiple positions, we provided coverage in print and online to help residents navigate all the choices while remaining completely unbiased.”

Leanne said the Plano team is passionate and committed to quality journalism.

“We all work together to accomplish a mission that is larger than any one person’s role, and we support each other like family.”

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