Texas Monthly’s April edition features a profile on Community Impact, featuring the story of our founders as well as a look at our business model, commitment to local journalism and future plans for CI Texas.

3 reasons why this matters:

1. Texas Monthly is regarded as The National Magazine of Texas, and their focus on Community Impact is helping us with brand awareness as "the local news organization" of the state. With reader and advertiser interest, CI can continue to grow outside of Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio into new communities void of local, useful, trustworthy news.

2. As many newspapers are closing nationally, it's important to know and support the ones left standing. If you are motivated by reading the Texas Monthly profile, consider becoming a Community Impact Patron with a donation of any dollar amount, one-time or monthly. These donations show you support our mission and growth. In return, you'll receive exclusive Saturday news emails and perks, such as CI swag you can't get anywhere else.

3. This feature story connects you with the people and values behind our news organization.

What your neighbors are saying about the profile:

"Interesting article. I personally get more news [better quality local news] from your newsletter than any other local paper. I hope you can continue. Quality local city and county news is much needed around here!"

"Thank you so much for sharing this article. I enjoyed reading it almost as much as I enjoy reading my Community Impact newspaper. I look forward to receiving the paper in the mail each month. I appreciate the topics covered & the fact that the politics & opinions are not included."

"Great article, congratulations! Read my Georgetown Community Impact cover to cover, and subscribe to Round Rock, Cedar Park and Leander online."

"This is exciting! Congratulations to the Garretts and to the entire CI staff. Since moving to the suburbs I have relied on CI for my local news.”

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