Icy road conditions reported across Central Texas


Officials are urging drivers to use caution as conditions on the roads have become hazardous due to freezing drizzle. Accidents have been reported across Central Texas.

Some bridges and overpasses are already icy or are beginning to get icy. TxDOT says it has begun treating roadways.

The City of Cedar Park reports that RM 1431 between Vista Ridge Boulevard and BMC Millworks is closed because the bridge is frozen over.

Cedar Park police reported at least one collision along the 183A toll road due to the icy conditions. They also reported a multi car crash along 1431 near Vista Ridge because of ice and several crashes in the Leander area.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office reported that the 7000 block of West Parmer Lane at Dallas Drive bridge was iced over and caused a four vehicle collision.

The National Weather Service says tonight is the coldest for this Arctic cold air outbreak. Light freezing drizzle is expected in the region until 6 p.m. and light snow in the far northern counties could be possible.

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  1. Barbara Tiemeier

    We got caught on the icy roads. Just coming out from a movie in Round Rock, planning to go out for dinner, then to Randalls. We heard warning on radio that roads could ice over, and about that time there was a wreck in front of us on Whitstone/1431 near Serrannos. We turned around and let GPS guide our drive home. We are fairly new to Austin area. That was the only wreck we saw but numerous police cars, firetrucks, ambulances passes us on Bell near 1431. It was icy in spots, saw people trying to walk on 1431 sliding around on slippery ice. Then when we got almost to our exit, Tessera Lago Vista, to a big overpass, cars were trying to cross it, but sliding sideways. It hadn’t been sanded yet. Finally one car drove way to the right side if the bridge very slow and made it. We took turns one car at a time slowly, and crossed the bridge. A UPS truck wasn’t so lucky and slid around, so cars were waiting behind him. Finally made it home and our new house never looked so pretty and welcoming! Told our son who works in Austin, lives in Leander GO HOME NOW before dark. He made it home. This was icy precipitation at freezing Temps at rush hour Austin. National weather predicted at 3:45pm there would be No problem. Came out of nowhere at rush hour. Citywide event plus all suburbs.

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