Todd Washburn officially assumed his role as Dripping Springs ISD superintendent Nov. 21. Formerly an associate superintendent with Eanes ISD, Washburn has lived in Dripping Springs since 2016. He sat down with Community Impact Newspaper on his second official day on the job to discuss his new role.

What drew you to live in the Dripping Springs community?

It was a fast-growing district with very high standards academically. It felt like the community had a very traditional focus, that community values were very important, and we just loved the area where Dripping Springs is. You have that appeal of being close to Austin but outside of Austin, kind of that small-town feel and flavor of Dripping Springs. Where I grew up, it was a very small town as well, so I guess that kind of led me to want to be relocated here in Dripping Springs. I just saw this as a great community to be plugged into and get engaged with.

What drew you toward the Dripping Springs ISD superintendent position?

What drew me as a prospective superintendent was the reputation of the district. The programs and opportunities that are being provided here in Dripping Springs are definitely appealing, and I would definitely say Dripping Springs is really one of the best destinations if you’re moving to the Austin area, with the fast growth—and the school system and the schools here are outstanding. I think it’s a great place to raise children, although I’ve already done that.

Do you have any ideas for new programming you would like to bring to the district?

I’m always looking at [what] some of the latest trends are and what the job market data is telling us to make sure we’re providing those opportunities for students to experience some of those ongoing trends so that they can be successful. I believe a lot of times, it’s important for students to experience it to know what they want to do but also what they don’t want to do. Providing those opportunities helps students sort out what kind of path they want to take beyond high school.

What is your mindset moving into this continued period of growth for the district?

Being in Leander for over 20 years, I had the opportunity to experience a rapid-growth school district and have personally been a part of opening multiple new campuses. I do know that as a school district and community grows, it’s important that you hold onto and value those traditions and community values and beliefs and that you honor the past but also prepare for the future.

What do you want the community to know about you?

My passion is education. My passion is working with students, teachers, parents and [the] community to develop a culture that is innovative, creative and collaborative. I’m excited to be here in Dripping Springs. I feel like it’s such a great opportunity for all of our stakeholders because we’re in a space and time when we’re going to see growth, and with growth creates greater opportunities for our students and opportunities to set the path for the future of Dripping Springs ISD and the Dripping Springs community. I’m excited to be a part of that.