Developers of Manchaca Road office space project to break ground in March


A new three-building development, located at 8701 Manchaca Road, Austin, will include 65,000 square feet of micro-condo office space for businesses looking to operate locally.

John Cummings, director of marketing for Templar Development, said the micro-condos, or small apartments used as workspaces, will be geared toward small business owners such as attorneys, psychologists or CPAs who want to purchase office space in their neighborhood.

Between 25 and 30 offices ranging in size from 150 to 350 square feet will be available for purchase, Cummings said.

The development will also include covered parking, a cafeteria, an atrium, patios and more.

Cummings said construction is slated to begin in March and the condos will be move-in ready by early 2019.

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