Vote For Pound Town fundraiser collects over $2,200 in 2 days to rename Dripping Springs


In just two days, a local group whose goal is to rename the city of Dripping Springs to “Pound Town” has raised over $2,200 through a GoFundMe campaign.

Vote For Pound Town, which has a Facebook page and official website at, claims its goal is to honor the memory of two of Dripping Springs’ founders, Joseph and Sarah Pound.

According to the group, funds raised will go toward “a fun campaign” to get the city’s name changed. Funds will also be donated to the local Friends of the Pound House nonprofit, although the nonprofit is not affiliated with the campaign. The group is also selling memorabilia online.

In a statement emailed to Community Impact Newspaper, Dripping Springs staff said the city is aware of the campaign but has not been in contact with anyone affiliated with the proposal.

According to the city, the Moss, Wallace and Pound families founded Dripping Springs as a community in the 1850s. Named after a spring that had been located in the center of town, the Moss family coined the Dripping Springs name when establishing the town’s first post office.

Dripping Springs’ annual Founders Day Festival will take place April 26-28, and Vote For Pound Town supporters are expected to have a presence.

The Founders Day Festival includes local vendors, live music and a carnival, as well as a parade at 6:30 p.m. April 26. Admission is free, and events take place throughout downtown Dripping Springs.

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  1. Just because it was an important surname, doesn’t mean it doesn’t sound ridiculous when the word town is added. C’mon people. Leave well enough alone.

  2. This is a stupid idea. The name “Dripping Springs” was coined by one of the original founders. Let it be,

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