Sunset Valley City Council sets work session to discuss hiring process for new city administrator


With City Administrator Clay Collins announcing in January his plans to retire April 30, Sunset Valley City Council discussed Feb. 5 what the process of hiring a new city administrator could look like.

City Council voted to move the next City Council meeting to Feb. 26 and will hold an open work session Feb. 19.

The work session could include conversations about editing the current city administrator job description, which has not been updated since 2010, according to Mayor Rose Cardona. The creation of job objectives and a possible interview committee could also take place.

Council Member Marc Bruner said he would like the city to utilize a recruiter to fill the position, similar to how the city hired its most recent police chief. The process of selecting a recruiting firm will also be discussed at the work session.

Council Member Melissa Gonzales said she did not want City Council to move too quickly to hire a replacement. She also expressed concerns about the current job description for the position as well as some of the recommendations and practices outlined by Cardona in a State of the City letter published to the city website Jan. 25.

“I want to make sure that we aren’t rushing over staff input, and I’m concerned that there are things that we should pay attention to internally that are not in the [current]job description,” she said. “I want to be really careful that we don’t lose [current city employees]during this process and that we aren’t rushing.”

Cardona and Bruner also both praised Collins at the meeting for his 10 years of service in Sunset Valley and emphasized the importance of the city administrator position.

“I think the work [Collins has] done is very well-appreciated [by residents],” Bruner said. “I think the staff that you have built is really capable, and the team that you have will [do a fine job]when you are gone.”

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