Sunset Valley residents turn out to cast early votes for City Council members, street tax reauthorization


Early voting tallies for the City of Sunset Valley election show results for three City Council positions, all of which are incumbents, and a street tax reauthorization.

Sunset Valley residents could vote for all, one, two or none of the candidates. According to early voting results released Tuesday at 7 p.m.:

Council Member Ketan U. Kharod received 17 votes or 35.42 percent of total votes cast.
Council Member Marc Bruner received 15 votes or 31.25 percent of total votes cast.
Council Member Rudi Rosengarten received 16 votes or 33.33 percent of total votes cast.

Proposition A on the ballot, which allows the city to reauthorize its current .25 cent street tax rate for another four years, also indicates strong support from voters with 96 percent in favor during early voting.

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