Home sales, median home prices and the number of days homes spent on the market varied across all eight Southwest Austin ZIP codes in August.

Compared to last year, homebuyers in this market generally saw a dip in median home prices, fewer sales and more days spent on the market—but there were some exceptions.

Most homes in the market were sold between the $500,000 to $699,999 price range, according to data from the Austin Board of Realtors. There were also:
  • 55 homes were sold for over $900,000.
  • 40 homes were sold for over $700,000 to $899,999.
  • 84 homes were sold for $300,000 to $499,999.
  • Four homes were sold for over $299,999.

Overall, median home prices dropped year over year with the exception of homes in 78735, which increased by nearly 50%, and 78839, which increased by only 2%. Conversely, home prices in 78736 dipped by nearly 28%, the highest out of the other Southwest Austin ZIP codes.

While the number of home sales has mostly slowed across the Southwest Austin market year over year, there were more homes sold in ZIP code 78749 in August compared to last year.

In 78739, home sales remained consistent with 22 homes sold in both August 2022 and August 2023.

In August, homes in 78735 and 78749 spent fewer days on the market on average compared to last year. In 78737, homes stayed on the market 215% longer year over year, the longest out of the other ZIP codes.