Austin Water has issued a citywide boil water notice after it lost power at the city’s largest water treatment plant.

According to Austin Water, the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant does not currently have power, resulting in a drop in water pressure that pushed the Austin Water system below the minimum standard. As of 8:45 p.m., the city is working to restore power at the treatment plant.

The notice directs residents to boil water collected from pipes and faucets for at least two minutes and then to cool water before using it to drink or cook. Austin Water will update residents when the boil water notice is lifted.

Earlier Wednesday, Austin Water Director Greg Meszaros said that the public utility was unable to meet customer demand as a result of residents dripping faucets, storing water and water main breaks in the region.

Even when power is restored to the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant, Austin Water is asking residents to conserve water by limiting water use to essentials.

“We’re going to need a lot of community help here,” Meszaros said at a Feb. 17 press conference. “We're really in a decision-making mode of trying to restore water to hospitals and for fire protection and other essential services and really need customers to cut back on things like dripping faucets, and managing appliance use like dishwashers and washers if at all possible.”