Hotel Ella, an original landmark estate located at 1900 Rio Grande St., Austin, is undergoing renovations to add new rooms and expand other parts of the hotel’s eatery. The start date for the project is still to be determined; however, the plan is to start as soon as possible, said Christian McGuigan, senior vice president of media and public affairs at Rex.

"The purchase of Hotel Ella really cements our company's commitment to Texas and Austin, in particular,” Rex CEO Peter Rex said. “We're a Texas-based business and are putting down the roots to affirm that.”

Plans for the renovation include adding a cigar and wine bar, expanding the fine dining restaurant and adding 166 rooms to the boutique hotel.

Hotel Ella has been a luxury spot in Austin for over 100 years; several significant renovations were made in 2013 as well. 512-495-1800.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to clarify the name of Peter Rex's company "Rex."