Here are two new restaurants to check out in South Austin and one that will open next year.

Andre Dinata and Lili Lin, the owners of Bluefin Sushi Bar and Ramen, opened their new restaurant Nov. 26. The sushi bar at 5400 Brodie Lane, Ste. 1200, Sunset Valley, serves seafood dishes, such as mussels and salmon on a bed of seaweed tempura, in addition to sushi and ramen menus. 512-953-1200.

Tso Chinese Delivery opened its South Austin location Nov. 27. The restaurant at 2407 S. Congress Ave., Ste. F, Austin, delivers within an approximately 4-mile radius of the kitchen with William Cannon being the southernmost border of the delivery zone. The company was founded by four Austinites: Min Choe, Angell Tsang, Jenna Choe and Eunice Tsang. They serve Chinese-American classics such as General Tso chicken, honey walnut shrimp and Beijing beef. 512-774-4876.

Chef Ling Qi Wu will open Ling Wu Restaurant in 2022. This will be her third restaurant. The chef is also behind Lin Asian Bar in Clarksville and Qi in downtown Austin. The new restaurant, at 7415 Southwest Parkway, Austin, will serve dumplings, noodles and raw fish dishes.