Texas NeuroRehab Center, a South Austin-based medical rehabilitation and behavioral health care facility, celebrated 80 years in the community Oct. 26.

TNC CEO Dr. Ed Prettyman honored current and former doctors of the facility, and received a proclamation from Mayor Kirk Watson’s office proclaiming Oct. 26 as Texas NeuroRehab Center Day.

Two-minute impact

TNC offers a range of inpatient and outpatient services, including:
  • Rehab and long-term care services for patients 13 and older with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries or stroke
  • Physical, occupational, speech, aquatic and vision therapies
Prettyman said that despite treating patients from across the globe—from local musician Andy Thomas to Scottish cyclist Josh Quigley—the facility’s presence in South Austin has been a fixture in the community since its inception in 1943.

“When we started very early on it was us and South Austin Hospital [present-day St. David's South Austin Medical Center],” Prettyman said. “SAH was kind of the small community hospital, and the route that patients would take when they were able to leave but still needed rehabilitation was frequently from South Austin to here. That continues to be true today.”

Prettyman added that the facility often receives people at the “lowest point in their life.”

“People may have been rocking along just fine until they had that car accident a month or so ago, or had that stroke a couple of months ago, and their lives and the lives of their family turned upside down,” Prettyman said. “But we also get to see the rest of that story. The patients that come in in a coma and walk out of this facility a month or so later. .... The child who was not able to live with their family but leave our facility and are reunited with them. I think we are bonded by the fact that we get to see miracles here.”