The city of Dripping Springs is seeking resident feedback on its transportation master plan through Dec. 15 as part of an ongoing virtual open house.

According to the virtual presentation, which can be accessed here, the master plan will be used as a planning document to outline future transportation-related needs to address the city’s growth and aging, undersized streets. Goals of the master plan include identifying transportation deficiencies, improving the overall connectivity of roadways, identifying the needed right of way for projects and evaluating funding options.

The master plan will also use the city’s thoroughfare and multimodal plan maps. The maps outline proposed roadways and pedestrian accommodations, which include more than 25 options for new streets and major arterial roads. Residents can view the proposed roadway map through the virtual open house and can leave comments for the city to take into consideration as planning for some projects begins.

The following map shows the approximate location of proposed arterial roads in the thoroughfare plan.

A first public hearing for the master plan was held in January 2019. Feedback gathered included residents asking to connect more of the city’s roads, which would provide more options and ways to bypass W. Hwy. 290 through downtown Dripping Springs, according to the city.

According to the city, an in-person open house will be scheduled for March, although an exact date has not yet been announced.