Some Dripping Springs ISD employees will see a change in their compensation effective Nov. 14.

The gist

Trustees approved three changes to the compensation plan during a board meeting Nov. 13 as well as a one-time retention incentive.

The changes made to the plan are:
  • Increase of $3 to the hourly pay of special education instructional aides
  • Increase of $3 to the hourly pay of bus monitors, raising minimum hourly pay from $16 to $19
  • A stipend of one-eighth of the base salary for teachers who have taken on additional classes for coverage amid teacher vacancies
In an effort to retain staff, the board approved a one-time lump sum payment of $1,000 to all current, full-time regular employees and $500 for part-time regular employees and long-term substitutes.

The background

In June, the board approved the fiscal year 2023-24 budget with 61% dedicated to payroll, totaling a $122.8 million general fund budget for the fiscal year.

This budget included a 3% salary increase for all staff, a 33% increase in hourly wage for bus drivers and a $1 increase for bus monitors.

Bus monitors, who assist and supervise students while on the bus, are facing a 40% vacancy rate since last year, with the district in need of four more to have a fully staffed team.

The district introduced the $3 pay increase for bus monitors in hopes to recruit new bus monitors and retain the current staff, said Linda Hall, DSISD chief human resources officer, on Nov. 13.

At Dripping Springs Middle School, four teachers have taken on an additional section as a long-term substitute, Hall said. With the changes to the compensation plan, these teachers will receive a stipend of one-eighth of their current salary, to be paid throughout the year.

Quote of note

“We've always said that we want a life-changer in every position,” trustee Mary Jane Hetrick said Nov. 13. “I know that we have them in the positions that we have, and I hope we can keep them.”

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