Parents of Dripping Springs ISD students may have the ability to temporarily transfer their students from an overcapacity campus to another DSISD campus for the 2023-24 school year.

The DSISD board of trustees discussed the concept March 27 during a board meeting, but no action was taken.

Walnut Springs Elementary, Dripping Springs Elementary and Sycamore Springs Middle school students would be eligible to transfer to Cypress Springs Elementary, Rooster Springs Elementary, Sycamore Springs Elementary or Dripping Springs Middle schools, depending on grade level and space.

“Our purpose for the temporary transfers are to reduce the student numbers at our overenrolled campuses and then to maximize our facilities to use our resources more efficiently,” Superintendent Holly Morris-Kuentz said during a board meeting March 27.

The three campuses that are overcapacity have experienced growth up to 14.4% over the last academic year, according to DSISD officials.

Parents interested in transferring a student would request to do so starting May 1 and ending May 26. Families would be notified of acceptance or denial by Aug. 1. Applications would be submitted annually and evaluated each year.

“Because these campuses continue to grow, they will continue to have capacity issues,” Morris-Kuentz said. “You might be able to transfer this year, but if you're in third grade, you may not be able to transfer in fifth grade. These are on a first-come, first-serve[d] basis as we have space, and space continues to be a challenge over the next two years until we look at a future campus.”

Students would return to their zoned campus at the end of the 2023-24 school year. Elementary students moving to middle school in 2024-25 would be assigned to their zoned middle school campus.

District transportation would not be provided for transfer students, except in cases of statute or policy.

The board of trustees will meet again April 17 for an agenda review meeting. For more information, visit