Dripping Springs ISD staff said they are pleased with young students’ reading and writing scores, noting students had slightly more difficulty with math, according to a report presented to the Dripping Springs board of trustees at the Dec. 13 meeting.

Still, the district is seeing consistent increases in the number of students who are reaching the “masters” expectations score on standardized math Measures of Academic Progress—or MAP—test.

Early literacy lessons this fall have resulted in more than 90% of the district’s kindergarten students tested as “on track” on the Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment while fewer than 10% of students’ scores indicated they needed monitoring or support, the report showed.

On the Texas Primary Reading Inventory, which gives scores of “developed” or “still developing,” 52% of first graders and 60% of second graders tested as “developed.”

The MAP reading test, administered to second through eighth graders, scores students as not meeting, approaching, meeting or mastering grade level expectations. Across the six tested grade levels, 9.5% did not meet grade level expectations, 26% approached, 30% met and 34.5% mastered grade level reading expectations.

On the MAP math test given to the same grade levels, 10.8% of second through eighth grade students did not meet expectations, 32.5% approached, 34.6% met and 22.1% mastered the content.

The board also voted Dec. 13 to move forward with the district’s calendar and budget amendments that did not change the district’s overall spending, according to board documents.