From March 18 through April 18, a total of 15,629 South Austin and Dripping Springs residents filed unemployment claims with the Texas Workforce Commission. That number represents 4.9% of the 318,543 residents who live within the 11-ZIP code area.

The ZIP codes with the highest percentage of claims was 78745, which had 4,020 claims, representing 6.51% of the resident population, and 78748 which had 3,379 claims, representing 6.39% of the resident population.

You can see how many claims were made in each ZIP code in the chart here, as well as in the map above.

In South Austin and Dripping Springs, more women filed claims than men, with 55% of all claims filed by women.

South Austin also saw more claims per person than the Central Austin area. To look at Central Austin numbers, click here.

During that same March 18-April 18 time frame, as the coronavirus pandemic closed businesses, restaurants and other services in the state, the Texas Workforce Commission received 920,604 total unemployment claims from across the state. When looking at different employment industries, the most claims came from the restaurant industry, followed by dental offices, hotels and department stores.