From a food truck to an established sit-down restaurant, Stony’s Pizza has been serving slices in Austin for over 15 years.

How it started

Stony’s Pizza opened its first brick-and-mortar restaurant in Oak Hill in March 2022. The owner, Tony Cohn, said he’s been making pizza since he was 15 years old and working as a busboy at a pizza place in Boston, his home city.

“I was a busboy in Boston, and I hated it but I wanted to be the pizza guy,” Cohn said. “So I asked [the owner] to give me a shot, and here I am.”

He and his father started the first Stony’s Pizza food truck in California. In 2007, they moved the business to Austin.

Before having set plans to open the brick-and-mortar, he and his team operated out of three food trucks at community events and downtown. Cohn kept one of the trucks, which he still takes to events.

On the menu

The Stony’s Pizza menu includes pizza, calzones, salads and appetizers such as garlic knots and cheesy garlic bread. Everything is fresh and nothing is ever frozen, Cohn said.

“It's all homemade stuff that I've taken from my grandmother, my family, my aunt, and I've taken all my favorite dishes from other places around California and Boston that I ever worked at,” Cohn said.

A customer favorite is The Kitchen Sink pizza, Cohn said, which includes pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, fresh mushrooms, roasted green peppers and caramelized onions.

What else

Cohn said community involvement is an important part of Stony’s Pizza, whether it looks like bringing the food truck to more community events, sponsoring a local youth sports team or supporting other local businesses.

Amici, an Italian food truck from Buda, recently moved into the Stony’s Pizza space. Cohn has remodeled the restaurant’s interior, and he said there’s more to be done. Eventually, he’d also like to expand out west.