Carolina Hernandez and the staff at La Familia Mexican Restaurant are serving up homemade Mexican food in hopes of making their customers feel like family.

The backstory

Hernandez, along with her sister and brother-in-law, Bella and Randy Lopez, opened the La Familia on Austin’s southwest side in April 2007. Hernandez had been a waitress her whole life, and it was her dream to open a restaurant. Around 2013, Lopez and her husband sold their share of the restaurant to Hernandez, making her the sole owner.

“I’m really proud of myself,” Hernandez said. “I work really hard, and I feel like I deserve it.”

Hernandez is at the restaurant almost every day helping out, overseeing operations and visiting with staff and customers. She appreciates the community that has been built at the restaurant throughout the years.

“I love it. At this point, they’re like my family,” Hernandez said.

On the menu

The familial feel translates to the La Familia menu as well. Everything is homemade from scratch, a way of cooking that reminds Hernandez of the food she grew up eating.

“We grew up eating organic and cooking from scratch, so that’s how we want to cook,” Hernandez said. “We don’t feel like the food tastes the same when you buy it already made.”

La Familia’s breakfast menu includes breakfast tacos and plates such as migas and chilaquiles. Lunch and dinner favorites include enchiladas, fajitas and mini street tacos.

What else?

La Familia Mexican Restaurant’s website allows customers to order online and place catering orders. Party packages include fajita meals and enchilada meals. Hernandez said customers can also call to place larger orders for pickup.