A new food truck opened in South Austin on June 12 at 11300 Old San Antonio Road, Austin, inside the Way South Food Truck Park.

Calaveras Tacos Y Mas offers a variety of Mexican-inspired street food, including tacos de bistec and al pastor, flautas, sopes, tortas, Crazy Fries and nachos, along with Calaveras' signature foot-long Machete. The Machete features a 12-inch flour tortilla filled with refried beans, mozzarella, cilantro, raw onion, lettuce, queso fresco, crema and a side of grilled onions for $18.

Owners Alyssa Rodriguez, Ernesto Rodriguez Sr., Ernesto Rodriguez Jr. and Melissa Lozano started the family business together to bring the flavor of Brownsville and Mexico to the Austin area.

“Our parents, Ernesto Sr. and Melissa, were born and raised in Brownsville, which is not far from the Mexican border,” Alyssa said. “They moved to Austin for better opportunities for the family, and that is where my brother, Ernesto Jr., and I were born and raised.”

Alyssa said the flavors in Brownsville are heavily influenced by Matamoros in Tamaulipas, Mexico, and that is what the family hopes to showcase with their food truck.

“I think I am most proud of the mini tacos,” Alyssa said. “It is so exciting to share the flavor I grew up around with new people in Austin. To hear their feedback that they loved the tacos always excites me.”