A sustainable living space in South Austin called Shelby Ranch will open in 2024.

Located at 2210 Lynnbrook Drive, Austin, the 302-unit, eight-acre, multifamily residential project will feature floor plans from studios to three-bedroom apartments. The space will be designed around being environmentally conscious, said Brenda Studt, United Properties development director.

"We wanted to pull on the South Austin fabric—the vibe that exists down there—to deliver something different that hadn’t been done before," Studt said. "We designed the project such that we had the applicable space to really create a pretty rad outdoor area."

Studt said Shelby Ranch will offer a 1-acre courtyard with an open-air performance stage, pool and clubhouse. The courtyard will feature native plants to establish havens for birds, butterflies and other wildlife, Studt said, adding that it is on-track to become a certified wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

In addition, there will be an on-site chicken coop for collecting eggs, honey-producing bee hives, raised garden beds for residents to use as a community garden, and a large dog park and pet spa. A workshop will also be available to residents for crafts and hobbies, she said. There will also be a co-working space and private work areas, along with a fitness center with a separate yoga room and indoor cycling.

Construction began in October and is slated to end in late 2024, Studt said.

“Authenticity, especially in multifamily development, is so important in creating a sense of real community," said Matt Yeager, project lead for TBG Partners, the landscape architect on the project. "By sourcing our materials and inspiration from the smallest regional circle possible, we are able to create space that is a reflection of the local environment and culture and provide an authentic product for a growing city.”