On Nov. 29, a public hearing was held by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to discuss a municipal wastewater permit application proposed by Blizexas LLC for a proposed outdoor music and events venue. The proposed site will be located at 14820 Fitzhugh Road.

State Rep. Erin Zwiener, D-Driftwood, requested the public meeting be held. The meeting gave residents the opportunity to ask the TCEQ and representatives of Blizexas questions regarding the permit as well as making public comments.

If approved, the permit will provide the new commercial development with its own municipal wastewater service. The venue would serve up to 5,000 people per day up to three times a week for up to six hours, according to the permit.

The concert venue is still in the planning stage and does not have an official name but is being referred to as the Fitzhugh Music Venue until further notice.

The proposed wastewater disposal system is a subsurface drip dispersal system, meaning there would not be discharge, and therefore wastewater is not expected to leave the site.

According to engineer Erin Banks, It is estimated the venue would use 12,000 gallons of water per day averaged over a week. The water use would come from a well installed on the site. Banks said these estimates are based on another event venue built by the company in California.

Neighbors of nearby residences, including Shield Ranch and Cypress Creek Ranch, expressed concerns during the formal comment section of the public hearing.

Ann Clearkin, a Hays County resident who attended the public meeting, is concerned that that California venue is not similar enough to compare to Dripping Springs.

“The road conditions, residents, how the venue is set up, and even the audience are not similar,” Clearkin said. “[The venue] is just dangerous here.”

Resident David Roach agreed the road conditions should be reviewed. Fitzhugh Road is a two-lane road with narrow lanes and no shoulder. The event venue would require attendees to use the road as their way of transportation.

A coalition formed by nearby residents, Stop Fitzhugh Concert Venue, has laid out its main concerns regarding the proposal. These include noise, traffic, light pollution and water pollution. The coalition opposes the construction of Fitzhugh Music Venue, raising concerns about potential damage the venue’s presence would cause the community.

“We plan to develop a world class and well-run venue near Dripping Springs that is respectful of our neighbors, the land, and the Hill Country’s unique character,” said Bill LeClerc, director of real estate developments and investments at Lexor Investments, in a statement. Lexor Investments is the parent company of Blizexas LLC.

The TCEQ has not yet approved or denied the wastewater permit. For more information, visit https://www.tceq.texas.gov/