Central Health will be breaking ground on two new health centers in eastern Travis County. One community health center is located in Hornsby Bend, and the other is located in Del Valle.

The new community health clinics are a part of Central Health’s Equity-focused Service Delivery Strategic Plan, which is a plan to develop an equitable, more patient-focused health care system in Travis County. The Central Health board of managers adopted this plan at its Feb. 23 board meeting.

Historically, eastern Travis County has always been one of the most underserved parts of the county, according to Central Health board Chair Dr. Charles Bell. Opening the two new health clinics is a part of Central Health’s solution to the problem. Currently, there are temporary clinics operating in these areas, but the new health centers will be permanent.

The Del Valle Health & Wellness Center is a $15 million project, and it will replace the clinic located in the Travis County Employment Wellness Center. The clinic will provide primary care, dental care, integrative mental health care and a retail pharmacy with a drive-thru.

The Hornsby Bend Health & Wellness Center is a $9 million project, and it is replacing the current temporary health center that opened in 2020. This clinic will provide primary care; integrative behavioral care; telehealth services; a community gathering space, which was requested by the community; play areas and more.

As a part of the Equity-focused Service Delivery Strategic Plan, Central Health has additional plans to continue to improve health care for Travis County residents.

“In the next several months, we are going to be working on operational plans to fill the gaps in health care to be able to eliminate health disparities that disproportionately impact the populations that we serve,” Central Health President and CEO Mike Geeslin said.

The Del Valle health clinic will be located at 7050 Elroy Road, Del Valle, and the health clinic in Hornsby Bend will be located across the street from Dailey Middle School at 3700 Gilbert Road, Austin. The health centers are expected to open in 2023.

Visit www.centralhealth.net for more information about Central Health’s new health clinics.