Urgan Lagree, a women-owned boutique fitness studio, will open its third Austin location this summer.

Austin locals Abigayle Rosser and Katie Hayes own the Urban Lagree Studios in Austin and opened their first location in 2019. Rosser said she and Hayes both got into Lagree, a high-intensity, low-impact resistance training workout while recovering from athletic injuries.

“It’s not Pilates,” Rosser said. “It does take some of the foundational elements of it, low impact being one of them. But ... it’s a fitness method; a high-intensity workout that’s done on a reformer... It’s not weight training, it’s weight resistance and because of that, you get beautifully long, lean muscles.”

Rosser said Lagree focuses on balance and is designed to change a person’s fitness level and body. Workouts are done on a machine called a Megarefromer.

The new Urban Lagree studio will open in a new commercial space on South Congress Avenue. Rosser said this one will have the latest machines being produced by Lagree which have a few more features than the ones used at their current studios.

“Whether you're new to fitness or if you're returning from injury or if you're a [triathlete], it's very customizable throughout the class to build the intensity, and you'll be guided by your instructor too.”

Rosser said Urban Lagree memberships purchased at one Austin location can be used at the others.