Opening Aug. 4 at 4404 W. William Cannon Drive, Austin, Perspire Sauna Studio will offer infrared sauna therapy.

The first of several upcoming Perspire Sauna Studio franchises in the Austin area owned by husband and wife Pete and Lindsay Mittelholzer, the company will also provide red-light therapy sessions. In total, the studio will have eight private saunas with four of them offering private showers for members.

“Our sessions are perfect for you to detox your body, relax your mind, burn calories, ease pain, enhance your immunity, clear your skin and improve your sleep,” Pete said. “We both always loved traditional saunas because of the way its good, passive sweat makes us feel energized and refreshed.”

Pete said he and his wife discovered infrared sauna therapy through Perspire when searching for franchising options.

“We loved the idea of offering a service that makes our guests feel better,” Pete said. “We both loved the experience of infrared sauna for the same reasons we loved traditional sauna.”

Pete said infrared sauna therapy offers a longer, less-intense session as well as a quiet space to relax alone and reflect.

“The way the red-light therapy helps my muscles recover after I go on a long run is amazing, too,” Pete said.

Each room at Perspire Sauna Studio will have its own sauna that can comfortably fit two people along with premium towel services and a television with audio pumped into the sauna, Pete said.

“One side of the sauna is made of glass, so you can watch your show while you sweat,” Pete said. “Or, you may just want to listen to music or sit quietly. You can use red-light therapy and adjust the color light therapy to give your sauna the vibe you like. It’s your customizable room to set up however you want.”