After nearly 40 years with the Walton and Nash families, the torch for the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm has been passed to its new owners.

In a nutshell

Damian and Leia Prause took over the tree farm in April. Leia said the decision was made after Twyla Nash—the former owner and eldest daughter of the original owners, Bill and Kay Walton—passed away in late 2022.

“We consider the Nash family great friends of ours from the Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association,” Leia said. “We are grateful for this opportunity to keep the tradition going for even more families here in Texas.”

Zooming in

The Elgin Christmas Tree Farm is a choose-and-cut farm, offering Virginia pines that customers can choose and cut. Leia said the farm will also offer precut fir and spruce trees this season, which will begin Nov. 18.

Leia said the 2023 crop of trees will most likely consist of shorter pines under 8 feet tall; however, with previous owner Marc Nash nearby to answer questions and offer advice about the farm and its inner workings, Leia said she is hopeful they can restore crops to normal levels in the near future.

“The number of trees available this year will be limited due to a few different reasons, but we will be working hard to re-establish the crop,” Leia said. “It is going to take us a few years to do this.”

Can't wait?

Leia said she and her husband will offer a pumpkin patch at Elgin Christmas Tree Farm on weekends from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. throughout October starting Oct. 7.

The Prause family is still working out the details but will post updates on social media.

The backstory

The Prause family has 27 years of experience in the Christmas tree business. Their original farm, Old Time Christmas Tree Farm, opened in 1996 in Spring.

Leia said that farm offers choose-and-cut Christmas trees during the Christmas season as well as a pumpkin patch in October.

Notable quote

“We plan to keep the same spirit of the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm alive while also adding in a few practices of our own that we are used to from back in Spring,” Leia said.