When Lori Green began as a part-time barista at Mazama Coffee Co. about 10 years ago, she didn’t expect to be its newest owner by 2022.

“It’s more than coffee,” Green said. “I love the people and getting to know the community.”

In September, Green bought the shop from the original owners, Vicky and Bruce Lewis, who opened Mazama in November 2012 and named it after a town in Washington where the two used to vacation.

“I started working here two months after it opened, and there was nothing on the street,” Green said. “It’s been really fun watching the street come to life as other businesses started moving in.”
Mazama Coffee Co. roasts coffee in-house. (Elle Bent/Community Impact)
Today, customers can visit Mazama for coffee roasted in-house, baked goods and syrup flavors made in-house.

“I came up with the [cinnamon brown sugar] recipe years ago because my son had just started trying coffee, and he would go to Starbucks and get their cinnamon dolce,” Green said. “So I started doing research and came up with the recipe, and it’s been a big hit.”

This is a common practice at the local shop. If able to, Mazama staff try new recipes and make adjustments at customers’ requests, Green said.

Mazama’s menu includes seasonal and monthly items as well as what Green calls “staple” items. These include the shop’s scones, savory croissants, breakfast sandwiches, homemade pop tarts and housemade breads.
Pastries are seasonal, including scones and pumpkin spice bread. (Elle Bent/Community Impact)
“If we ever took those away, [customers] would be really mad at us,” Green said while laughing. “Plus, these are what we sell a lot of.”

Mazama participates in community events, including the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival in October and Dripping Springs Founders Day in April. As the new owner, Green said she is brainstorming new ideas to bring to the community.

“People always tell me, ‘You’re the heart of Dripping Springs. This little coffee shop brings all the people together,’” Green said.

The coffee shop has both indoor and outdoor seating enclosed on the property by a fence. Cats roam the property and are taken care of by Mazama employees.

As Green moves into making Mazama her own with some rebranding, she said she wants to continue making Mazama a welcoming atmosphere for fellow residents.

“I want our customers to come in here and feel seen and heard,” Green said. “I want people to feel welcome, like they belong here, and it’s comfortable for them.”

512-200-6472. www.mazamacoffee.com