Cork and Brew Market opened a second location at 4410 Menchaca Road, Austin, on April 12.

Cork and Brew is a specialty grocery and convenience store with a curated selection of wine and beer. The locally owned market offers grocery needs and snacks. Customers can order coffee, tacos, burgers or Indian dishes from the kitchen.

“Culinary wise, we are going to grow to an extent,” owner Raj Singh said of the new location. “This isn't about Indian food; it's a melting pot of creativity from different people all around the world.”

According to Singh, the market is a place where customers can experience connections when shopping, and receive recommendations when it comes to wine and beer.

“My customers matter because it's not about my opinion; it's about theirs,” Singh said. “It's their opinion that matters when it comes to wine.”

The market plans to host wine and beer showings as well as expanding its website.