The Great Outdoors is almost done renovating its location at 2730 S. Congress Ave., Austin, to provide better service to its customers.

Some of the renovations include a new cashier pergola, painting on the inside of the gift shop, stringing lights in the trees for aesthetics, and changing murals and fencing around the property.

Employees said they are especially excited about the newest mural by Carmen Rangel, which customers can see at the entrance to the garden center.

The Great Outdoors is known as an urban garden center and offers 2 acres of oak trees, waterfalls, a tropical greenhouse and more. Each week, the garden center gets new shipments in and adds to its selection of available plants. In addition to plants, The Great Outdoors offers garden decor and statuary, fountains and water features, and pottery and containers.

For more information, call 512-448-2992 or visit online at