Tucked off Hwy. 290 in Dripping Springs is Stray Vista Studios, a virtual production studio that is the largest of its kind in Texas.

Stray Vista Studios will open Feb. 9 at 252 Frog Pond Lane, Bldg C., Dripping Springs. The facility features a virtual production volume wall that can display interactive environments that are computer generated. The perspective can shift with the camera movement, allowing for fluid motion. Fully immersive lighting that can mimic any time of day comes from the LEDs in the screen and ceiling.

The studio will officially open Feb. 9 but has already accommodated two preopening projects, including a music video.

The technology can be used for a variety of digital productions, such as films, television, commercials or music videos. The studio is open to events, which can take advantage of the technology for presentations.

CEO Nate Strayer oversees the studio and its team. Strayer is a director and screenwriter who wanted to bring the technology into visual storytelling.

“My goal is to teach filmmakers how to use it since a big hurdle is that they don’t know anything about it,” Strayer said. “So I built a team that’s exceptionally good at it and we can educate people on this new type of filmmaking.”

According to Strayer, the technology, designed by Industrial Light & Magic, was first used in the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian” to use the LED stage for controlled lighting and incorporated effects in real time.

“I was jealous because I had all these ideas and the last thing I wanted to do was spend 13 hours in a green room filming and not really see what's going on,” Strayer said. “The idea of being able to see what’s going on and knowing what I’m getting is really exciting to me.”

Stray Vista Studios partnered with Vū Technologies to use the LED wall and create the virtual production space.

The 10,000 square-foot studio features 8,000 square feet of fully equipped staging and 2,000 square feet of amenities, including an office, a dressing room, a kitchen and a lounge.

To use the space for a production or event, contact the studio. 616-914-7718. https://strayvista.com