Ricky Garcia and his wife, Meghan, both fifth-degree masters and co-founders of Next Gen Mu Sool, have been training students in martial arts for more than 20 years.

The couple opened their studio in 2010, but have students who were with them even before that.

Garcia said Next Gen Mu Sool is a Korean martial art based on kuk sool won and hapkido.

At the studio, nearly 120 students learn not only physical skills such as agility, improved motor skills and spatial awareness but also life skills such as self-confidence, self-control, leadership, mentorship and situational awareness.

“We teach them with consistency, discipline, encouragement and confidence in their ability to learn and do things even they don’t believe they can do,” Garcia said.

This particular martial art style combines powerful kicks, fast punching drills, beautiful forms, complex techniques and joint locks, weapons and high-flying falls, Garcia said.

“I would say, however, that some of the most important parts of our martial arts school are the instructor-student bond, our community and a safe environment,” Garcia said.

Garcia said the students have a mutual respect and openness and they learn skills that will help each of them for the rest of their lives.

“Last month, one of our students was diagnosed with cancer, and within the past two weeks our extended community came together to raise almost $20,000,” Garcia said.

The Garcias invite anyone interested in learning the Korean martial art to try a free class. Those with previous experience can have their rank transferred after an evaluation with the instructors.

“This class is a great way to get great martial arts training and to build friendships that will last,” Garcia said.

Getting started at Next Gen Mu Sool

Classes include those for kids, families and adults of all levels.
  • Kids: This course is designed specifically for children ages 5-12. It is a balance of a challenging curriculum and a fun atmosphere to promote growth and learning. These classes will improve children’s confidence, balance, strength and self-defense skills, among other traits, owner Ricky Garcia said.
  • Family: This class allows parents to train with their children, individually and with other adults. Adults can also use this class to get in extra practice.
  • Adults: This time is for adults to train without children. The class offers time to work with others and make friends.
Next Gen Mu Sool

2110 W. Slaughter Lane, Ste. 145, Austin


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 5-8:15 p.m. depending on rank and class type. Closed Sat.-Sun.