Dozens of volunteers and community members gathered at Pease Park on March 15 to celebrate Danish artist Thomas Dambo and his newest creation, Malin the Troll.

The details

Dambo quit his job in 2011 in pursuit of becoming an artist and has spent more than a decade making art out of discarded and recycled materials.

In that time, he's built more than 100 trolls around the world, with Malin being his 129th. Volunteers built the troll between March 1-15.

Around 80% of Malin was built using found and repurposed material, including around 1,800 linear feet of eastern red cedar from a family-owned sawmill in Bastrop County for the internal structure.

The exterior features repurposed wood from the JJ. Pickle Research Campus.

Dambo designed and created Malin to hold a fountain that symbolizes the relationship between humans, animals and the environment, and to symbolize that water should be shared with others.

Malin is located near the Pease Park Treehouse.