Two-minute impact

Kyle residents have been asked to limit their water usage as the city moves to amended Stage 3 mandatory water use management rules Sept. 1. The prior Stage 2 mandatory water use management rules allowed for watering once a week on designated days and at certain times.

This comes on the heels of Canyon Lake—one of the city's water suppliers sourced through the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority—hitting an all-time water low.

While there are set restrictions that go with each stage, the amended rules allow city officials to tighten up restrictions even more than originally outlined in the drought contingency plan.

A closer look

The city has three main water sources: the Edwards Aquifer Authority, the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District and the GBRA, with another expected to come online in the coming years called Alliance Regional Water Authority.

The BSEACD has also been toeing the line between drought stages but has remained in Stage 3. If the district does slip into Stage 4, which Assistant City Manager Amber Schmeits said could happen in the coming months, the city's water supply will be halved.

As of Aug. 28, the city has used 89% of its allocation of water from the EAA, Schmeits said at a special meeting Aug. 29. The city's water usage was only at 39% at the end of June, meaning there has been a 50% increase in water usage over the past two months.

Part of the reason for entering Stage 3 is so the city can stay within its water limit from the EAA. However, the city will need to seek additional water and reduce water usage.

To diversity its water supply, the city will be entering a water sharing agreement with the city of San Marcos, which will be on the agenda at San Marcos City Council's Sept. 19 meeting.

A condition for that agreement is to match San Marcos' water restrictions, another impetus for Kyle's shift into Stage 3.

The takeaway

The following restrictions will be imposed under amended Stage 3:
  • Car washing at home or by hand is prohibited
  • No installation of new landscaping
  • No new pool permits will be issued
  • No sale of construction water
  • Filling of pools, ponds or fountains is prohibited unless needed for health and safety
  • Washing sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, streets, patios or other paved areas is prohibited
Additionally, residents are only allowed to water their lawns between 7-10 p.m. every other week using only a hose, soaker hose, drip irrigation or automatic irrigation system. However, residents can still water by handheld hose or handheld watering can from 7 p.m.-10 a.m. any day.

The watering schedule is as follows:
  • Addresses ending with 0 or 1 water on Monday
  • Addresses ending with 2 or 3 water on Tuesday
  • Addresses ending with 4 or 5 water on Wednesday
  • Addresses ending with 6 or 7 water on Thursday
  • Addresses ending with 8 or 9 water on Friday
The use of sprinklers are allowed as follows:
  • No use on Saturdays or Sundays
  • No use allowed Sept. 4-8, 18-22
  • Allowed on designated days/times Sep. 11-15, 25-29