The city of San Marcos announced an end to drought restrictions and a return to standard water conservation rules beginning Oct. 4.

Standard year-round conservation rules allow the use of sprinklers before 10 a.m. and after 8 p.m. every day. Hand watering, soaker hoses and drip irrigation are allowed at any time, according to the city's press release.

The release also states car washing is allowed anytime, but a bucket or hand-held hose with an automatic shut-off device is required. Impervious surfaces can be washed at any time, but washing should be limited unless it is required for health and safety reasons, the release stated.

Year-round conservation rules are activated whenever the 10-day average water level of the Edwards Aquifer rises 660 feet above the mean sea level.

According to the city's release, the 10-day average was 663.7 feet as of Sept. 29.

Wasting of water is still prohibited, and current aquifer levels and drought rules are available online.