During a June 15 City Council meeting, Kyle City Engineer Leon Barba provided updates on a number of road projects.

He told council members the roughly $9.2 million North Burleson Street improvements project was nearing completion and was expected to be finished in July or August. Some of the project’s features include a new storm system designed to handle five-year storm events, which have a 20% chance of happening in a given year; improved access to Burleson from side streets; improved sight distances; and reduced through traffic through the use of a cul-de-sac.

The roadway’s ditches were previously rated as being capable of handling two-year storm events, which have a 50% chance of occurring in a given year, according to the city.

Barba also updated City Council on the Windy Hill Drainage project, which he said was 65% complete. The north half of the road is under construction, with traffic routed onto the south half, but is expected to be complete in mid-July.

It is the third of five phases associated with the project, and traffic will shift to the northern half in the fourth phase to allow for sidewalk, curb and gutter placements as well as the addition of more asphalt mats.

According to Barba, the first layer of paving on Old Post Road was completed June 11. Completion of the project is expected in November.