Major transportation improvements should be complete by the end of 2021 or in 2022, and are located in Kyle and San Marcos. The projects total more than $14 million, and are funded by various local and state agencies.

Windy Hill Road Improvements

Phase 2 of road work is underway with the north side of Windy Hill Road open to traffic during construction on the southern lanes. Drainage improvements include a closed box culvert running parallel to Windy Hill Road, and parts of the ditches will be armored with stone and concrete riprap due to the high velocity of runoff. The next three phases will include flipping traffic and construction so that similar work may be done on the northern lanes, and back once again for sidewalk, curb, gutter and other features. The final phase will see traffic shifted as necessary for a final surface layer and pavement markings.

Timeline: Nov. 30, 2020-Oct. 2021

Cost: $2,607,513

Funding sources: General Land Office, city of Kyle

I-35 from south of Loop 82 to River Ridge Parkway

Northbound ramps will be built between River Ridge Parkway and Loop 82, which is also called Aquarena Springs Drive. A northbound exit ramp to River Ridge Parkway would be built, while the existing northbound entrance ramp will be relocated to improve entrance and exit to I-35 for better safety. The current setup was not designed for current traffic volumes, and the modifications should improve traffic flow as well.

Timeline: Early 2021-mid-2022

Cost: $11,900,000

Funding source: TxDOT, CAMPO