Stop signs at Scott Street and West Allen Street in the city of Kyle may be a stopgap measure as traffic increases in the area.

City Council members on May 5 approved installation of stop signs at the three-way intersection near the library, but future road projects in the area may lead to a roundabout to help keep traffic moving.

The move for stop signs was discussed at the April 21 council meeting, and since studied by staff from the Kyle Police Department, public works department and the engineering department.

Their study of accident reports, traffic counts and results of recent construction of a new residential unit and privacy fence showed creation of a blind corner that has increased the danger for drivers.

The recommendation to approve was unanimous.

City engineer Leon Barba also presented council a preview of what a roundabout at the area would look like. The design would encroach on property owned by the city and would eliminate a couple of streetside parking spaces behind the library.

Barba said the two weeks between meetings wasn’t enough time for a cost analysis, but his estimate is at $220,000 to $300,000 for the roundabout, with signage and landscaping. Barba also said there would be savings if the project could be done in-house by city employees.

The eventual arterial construction that will connect Rebel Drive at West Center Street to West 1st Street at Scott Street will likely move some traffic past the front of the library. Parking lot expansion to the north of the current lot will help replace spaces that will be lost with that project.

Council members will receive more information about the roundabout, but the quicker solution will be the stop signs, which will be placed soon.

“There is a need for [stop signs] to be there, but I’m intrigued by the roundabout,” Council Member Robert Rizo.