San Marcos City Council members changed course on banning motor-assisted scooters at its Jan. 6 meeting, agreeing to take no action until staff presents options that would allow residents the use of their own scooters even if the city moves forward with a prohibition on scooter-sharing services.

The council had been set to vote on a second reading of a total prohibition on motor-assisted scooters, an ordinance that passed by a vote of 5-1 on Dec. 17, but revisited the discussion in response to public testimony and some City Council members’ concerns.

Mayor Jane Hughson proposed postponing action on the ordinance; she also suggested amending the language to allow residents the use of motor-assisted scooters—if owned—without penalty, while still prohibiting privately owned companies from operating scooter fleets in the city.

“What I’m concerned about is banning a privately-owned [scooters], where somebody wants to go from their house down the street to the park,” Hughson said. “That’s what I’m concerned about—about not allowing those.”

Assistant City Attorney Sam Aguirre said such change in the ordinance would require exploring how to distinguish between the two types of riders and that staff would need time to bring options to the council.

Council members voted unanimously to postpone action on the ordinance until further revision but did not set a date to revisit it. Council Member Maxfield Baker suggested the reading of the revised ordinance be scheduled at a time during which students from Texas State University may be able to attend and voice their opinion on the matter.