Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization board members provided the go ahead for the San Marcos Platinum Planning Study, a $1 million effort that seeks to help San Marcos and the surrounding region manage the challenges resulting from its rapid growth, at a June 10 meeting.

The board voted unanimously to authorize CAMPO’s executive director to execute an interlocal agreement with the city of San Marcos to fund the study.

The San Marcos Platinum Planning Study will consider a corridor plan, a centers plan and ways to develop a dense, mixed-use core.[/caption]

In May 2018, CAMPO’s board approved an $800,000 grant, which will be matched by $200,000 from the city of San Marcos, for the study.

The study seeks to help San Marcos manage its growth by developing travel alternatives, increase housing options near transportation investments, and position the urban core to become a “premier center” for the city of San Marcos as well as the region, according to a brief prepared by CAMPO Regional Planning Manager Kelly Porter.

The study will include the development of a corridor plan, which will look at several miles on Guadalupe Street, Hopkins Street and a future north-south corridor east of I-35; a centers plan, which will address the proposed redevelopment of the city government complex; and concepts for a dense, mixed-use core.