Homes in San Marcos, Buda and Kyle all sat on the market longer in September compared to the same month last year, according to data from the Austin Board of Realtors.

In Buda ZIP code 78610, homes spent an average of 45 days on the market, up 15% from last September. However, homes in Kyle ZIP code 78640 and San Marcos ZIP code 78666 sat on the market for upwards of three months—over three times as long as last year.

While Kyle homes sat on the market the longest for 97 days on average, San Marcos had the biggest percent change year over year at nearly 270%, sitting for an average of 62 more days than last year.

Home sales were down across the market in September. While Kyle saw the biggest drop in home sales with 48 fewer homes sold year over year, San Marcos saw the biggest percent change with a nearly 40% decrease in home sales year over year. Kyle had the most sales in the market in September with 98 homes sold.

Median home prices were also down across the market. Prices in Buda dropped the most by just over 9%, going from $435,000 to $395,000. Most homes were sold in this price range across the market, with 149 homes sold between $300,000-$499,999.

There were also:
  • 4 homes sold for $900,000 or more
  • 9 homes sold between $700,000-$899,999
  • 33 homes sold between $500,000-$699,999
  • 34 homes sold for $299,999 or less