The city of Buda lifted its boil-water notice for areas east of Onion Creek, which included Ashford Park, Bonita Vista, Bradfield Village, commercial areas along I-35, Old Town and downtown Buda, and Sequoyah.

The impacted area can also be seen on this map in the low-pressure zone shaded light blue.

In a Feb. 22 news release, residents were advised to flush their water lines for several minutes and throw out ice made by ice makers connected to the city's water system.

Residents with water softeners should also run a regeneration cycle and follow instructions in the owner's manual. Water filtration units should also be changed.

Buda was required by state regulatory agencies to issue the boil-notice last week after pressure in parts of the city's water system dropped below 20 psi. Pressure levels dropped during last week's winter storm due to power outages and increases in demand, which was partially a result of broken pipes, the city said.